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Joanne DeGasperis Ceremonialist

Rev. Joanne DeGasperis is a Ceremonialist who assists people with Life's spiritual and transformative Rites of Passage. The blessing of a child, a couple coming together in marriage, or a celebration of life/funeral. As an ordained independent non-traditional minister and licensed wedding officiant in the province of Ontario, she is not associated with any church or religion.

When she first started doing this work, 18 years ago, independent ministers were not as widely sought after as they are today. At the time, Rite's of Passage were seen as work done mainly by priests or pastors representing an organized religion. Now there is a greater awareness that, what many individuals want and need during these sacred moments, is spiritual guidance independent of a religious affiliation. She is very proud to offer her time and energy as she holds space for each individual, as they walk their path. She has won awards and most importantly she finds it deeply satisfying that her passion, as a Ceremonialist brings joy, love and peace to so many.

She shared, that one day nearly 20 years ago, while having lunch with friend, she was told "You would make a wonderful minister, you have a beautiful speaking voice and a calmness about you.You are a compassionate listener with a gentle disposition and you work directly from your heart." Which got her thinking..."Could this be my path?" Through deep reflection and intuitive listening, she discovered that her passion and talents would be better served by helping people create sacred space in their lives. Yes, she has a background in mental health and addictions counselling, but she realized that she didn't quite fit with the mainstream of that profession. She decided to follow her passion for helping people, by doing one-on-one counselling, along with leading women's spiritual groups, meditation classes and workshops. After two years of this transformative work, she was ready to take the next steps of her journey and for the past 18 years she has been a Ceremonialist, guiding people through Life's Rites of Passage. 

People who seek out her services are looking for something unique, outside the bounds of traditional religion. They welcome the chance to share in the crafting of their ideal experience. She begins each and every ceremony request with an open dialog, this helps everyone to get to know each other, to connect and to see if indeed they are a "fit". She believes that it is this connection that allows her couples, parents and family to feel safe and comfortable enough to share deep stories with her, helping her to write very unique ceremonies for them. She warmly shared, that often couples share details about how they met or about a loved one who has passed that they have never told anyone else. She considers it a great honour and a privilege to hear people's intimate stories.

As a Ceremonialist Rev. Joanne honours each of Life's Rites of Passage with a calm, gentle grace. And every ceremony is illuminated by love, compassion and her passion for life.

Connect with Rev. Joanne DeGasperis and choose to have your next Rite of Passage illuminated with positive energy.

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