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Cher Cunningham - Public Relations and Leadership Confidence Coach

My Elevator Pitch
Are you an entrepreneur who wants to have a bigger impact?

Does the idea of that make you feel overwhelmed and anxious?

Do you question your ability or right to lead others?

I take entrepreneurs and other community leaders from a place of anxiety and overwhelm to a place of vision and confident leadership.

As a leader yourself, you can see (better than the average person) how critical it is to approach each day with a feeling of confidence, focus and resourcefulness – and that's exactly where I take my clients.

Together we can remove limiting beliefs and clear away the garbage you are telling yourself that gets in the way of your potential. You already have the resources there inside you. What you need is to access the tools and skills that will allow you to embrace leadership with confidence – so you can tackle new projects with strength, focus and resourcefulness and make a difference.

What Makes you a Leader

People who work with me may not even feel like leaders – yet. Often I am working with someone who is compelled to embrace a bigger project but struggles with doubt, fear, procrastination. This may be someone who has just started a new business, a new role with a non-profit organization, was recently elected or promoted and wants to achieve greater results for their community or organization.

What my elevator pitch looks like in action never fails to be exciting and rewarding for both my clients and me. Providing this service, being able to support and empower local community leaders, is so amazingly rewarding – beyond anything I could have imagined. I get to work with amazing clients, helping them to discover that they are actually as awesome as the people they think they're pretending to be.

We blast through negative emotions and beliefs that are not working for you.

We uncover passion and value…and the confidence and strength to act on it.

We install new habits, strategies and empowering beliefs at the unconscious level (instead of willpower).

We craft impactful messages and memorable media moments.

We uncover your authentic, powerful presence.

I Love my Job!

Ten years ago, that wasn’t true. I was struggling with self-doubt, imposter syndrome, scattered goals and eventually burnout. Back then I did not value myself or my skillset and lived with a lot of anxiety that resulted in fear-based decisions, procrastination and fatigue. Since then, I have found the training and mentors that had been missing. And now, armed with the mindset, the tools and the processes that break through the fear and negativity I get to help others get there too – and much faster and easier than I did.

You are so much stronger than you realize.

You are not broken, weak or a fake.

Everyone needs to step away from the fast-paced, reactive day-to-day insanity in order to have a present, and a future, that is compelling and deliberate.

Whether you self-identify as a “people person” or not, you can have an impact on your world.

Rapid Results Coaching
In a single session, we can free you from the emotional baggage and triggers of the past. Baggage that you don’t even know you have. Stuff that is putting limits on you - holding you back and making you doubt yourself.

And this is just the clean-up session before we really get to work.

Next up - Skills, Tools, Processes

We follow a powerful, structured process that goes from mindset to message to media.

Through public speaking, workshops and group and one-on-one coaching I share leadership tools, skills and transformational processes that empower easier habit-building and goal-achieving.

I am excited to offer you a set of tools that will give you a fresh perspective on your life - and concrete processes that tap into your purpose at an authentic level. Working with modalities of deeper communication, meditation and hypnosis, behaviour, and coaching, we activate your unconscious mind to make changes at the level of habit, beliefs and strategy.  

You will walk away with…

  • a strong sense of “rightness” and belonging in your role.
  • A recognition of your integral place in the community.
  • Bolder confidence.
  • A clear understanding of what unique qualities you bring to the table.
  • A 90-day action plan, based on your values and convictions, that allows you to step up, stand out and make a difference.
  • And energy. Energy driven by passion and focus. Energy found by removing the doubts and anxiety that eat away at you day after day.

Move forward into your leadership role on a firm foundation and gain the traction needed to create impact.

Discover Your Awesome. Discover You’re Awesome

Connect with Cher today to have a real experience of your hidden resources and uncover the value you want to reveal to the world… in a way that is memorable and impactful.

Book a Free 20 minute “Discover Your Thing” meeting. 

705-896-1370  results@chercunningham.com

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