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Deanna Palazzo Dalzell - Wellness Coach

Deanna works with individuals one-on-one to help them get into the best shape of their lives. She focuses on mindset, nutrition and activity through meal planning, activity suggestions, daily routines, online resources as well as giving them access to an incredibly supportive and empowering group of other like-minded people. She helps them fall in love with themselves again... or, like her on her own journey, for the first time. Currently, she is working predominantly with women, helping them step into their power and put themselves first on their list of imperatives. 

Before she started her journey with Herbalife, she was a "broke & broken actress/comedian", living pay cheque to pay cheque trying to "live the dream" in Toronto. Then when she was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes she began to gain weight and along with that, came depression. She started to lose track of who she was. 

When life presented a few more challenges and she and her husband decided to pick up and move to Penetanguishene Ontario, (away from the family, friends and any community she knew) she hit her rock bottom. With no friends close by, she decided to plug into some online communities that her sister-in-law and mother-in-law had been participating in. They were losing weight and were looking healthier. Their energy was up and she noticed an extra pep in their step. She was curious. 

And initially, still feeling very stuck, she refused to do anything different. It wasn't until she received a (loving) good swift kick in the butt from her mother-in-law, that she decided to take her life by the reigns. She started her nutrition program and locked into the incredible community of empowering women and men who wanted to see her win. 

She wasn’t used to this world of empowerment and support, but she locked into her program, asked her coaches loads of questions and began to see results. She lost 45 pounds, maintained that and got her body baby ready. Then following a c-section with her son, lost another 55 pounds (including a 10 pound baby) and has maintained that for nearly 3 years. 

She truly feels like she is in the best health of her life and her Diabetes Management has never been better. 

"Funny thing, when you start feeling great and have an incredible community you trust and can turn to, you want to share it." ~ Deanna

Now, that is exactly what she does, she helps women find their footing and get in the best shape of their lives. She also believes that what she offers is so much more than just health coaching. She helps guide women to the realization that they... 

 💚Do deserve good things!
 💚Are capable of anything they put their mind to! 
 💚Are enough just as they are!

She says that her biggest win as a woman, was learning to love herself. Yes, she says, it took time...and it was worth it! Nearly 4 years ago she decided to break free from... 

The negative self talk (some of which she wouldn’t wish on her worst enemy), 
The feeling that she was living her life as a chameleon trying to impress people and be who she thought she was supposed to be. 
Feeling like she was suffocating. 

And EVERYTHING changed! Looking back on her life, she recognizes how cruel she was to herself and wants more than anything, to help other women break the pattern of negative self-talk. 

The Herbalife philosophy is 100% mindset, 80% nutrition and 20% exercise. She recalls thinking "What the heck does that mean?"

As she unpeeled the layers of the philosophy, she found that at the root, consistency is the key and that really resonated with her. She is now a firm believer that along with consistent healthy eating & activity, having a healthy mindset is imperative! 

She attributes her amazing success to her mindset and has noticed that when her mindset is not in check, other elements of her life start to slowly crumble or lose their strength. 

She says "It’s funny, I can look back on some of the coaches on my team who had a similar relationship with mindset and when they let go and approached it with an open mind and open heart, the transformation was absolutely incredible. And now I see the same results in myself"

She attributes her success and her capacity to commit to herself to the support she receives from her family and the Herbalife community that she knows and loves.

"My body has done many incredible things as a woman, most importantly, (and what drives me every single day, my WHY) is that it gave life to an incredible human being! I know that my ability to physically becoming a mother is linked directly to the fact I that figured out who I was first and became the healthiest version of myself in mind, body and soul. 

Now with a passion and true sense of purpose, I've stepped into the next level of journey and feel privileged to help other women unlock the healthiest versions of themselves!" ~ Deanna ~

To learn more and connect with Deanna please visit: http://www.mdbwa.com/Sys/PublicProfile/48232185/833584

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